Health & Fitness | July 9, 2020 9:20 am

Deal: Save 20% on This Bundle of Beloved, Healthy Protein Bars

It doesn't get any healthier than an Rxbar. Get a bunch for less.

Deal: Save 20% on This Bundle of Beloved, Healthy Protein Bars

For the Fourth of July this year, Rxbar packaged its Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Chip and Blueberry flavors into one, big “Red, White & Blue Bundle.” The mega-pack is still available right now, and it includes 36 protein bars for a price of $74.

At first glance, this seems like a negligible discount from buying packs of each flavor on their own. But assuming that you’re a new shopper at Rxbar’s site, you can activate a 20% discount with your first purchase, dropping the full cost down to $59 — just $1.63 per bar.

These things are worth it and more. When we asked a nutritionist to power-rank, in terms of healthiness, a variety of energy bars last year — and she went in blind, only looking at a list of the ingredients — the Rxbar was one of her favorites. Lots of protein and fiber, zero added sugars. Everything you need to know about them is right there on the packaging, and if you can keep some water and bananas handy, you have breakfast handled for the next five weeks.

Shop the bundle here while it lasts. Shipping is free.

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