Health & Fitness | May 19, 2016 9:00 am

Pornhub’s BangFit Fitness Program Is, Well, What You Think It Is

Squat thrusts will never be the same again

Let’s play a little game of “Would You Rather.”

First question: Three miles on a bike, or 30 minutes of hanky panky?

That’s the question Pornhub is posing with a new fitness regimen that involves “working out … and in … and out …” with the assistance of an activity tracker. The exercises can be done with partner or alone … with a, uh, er, workout video.

It’s called BangFit.

Here’s the gist:

After signing up, members can use a smartphone app to choose how many people they are going to “sexercise” with and then get information about what positions they can use and how many calories they’ll each burn over a 30-minute session.

They’re then supposed to pop the phone into a wearable called a BangFit Band so their fitness levels can be tracked while exercising and a score can be generated. (The bands, if they even really exist, are listed as sold out.) There are also tutorial videos to watch before, during or after the workout. To be clear, these are NSFW videos.

After all is said and done, users can share their scores on social media and let the world know they’ve received accolades like “You’re a Booty Builder” or “You’re the Gymnastiest.”

If you join, for God sakes, take a shower after working out.