Nude Picnic

Sometimes, you can do more with less.

The Nudists Association of Paris, an organization that’s been hanging it out since 1953 for all to see, has put their ambitious plans for the Parisian Day of Naturism on display.

The inaugural clothes-free celebration, now and forever to be held on the last Sunday of June (which is the 24th this year), will celebrate naturism in the nudist area of the Bois de Vincennes park.

Nude Picnic

Among the au naturel events: naked yoga, followed by the picnic lunch and then dinner at the O’Naturel (a naturist restaurant). If that’s too much to take in at once, the ANP is also hosting an “Open Door Week” for non-members throughout the week, as well as a theme-park adventure on July 1st that’ll involve naturist-friendly ziplining, trampolining, Go-Karts and mini golf.

We made a few puns, but please note: these are not events for voyeurs. This is a “way of living in harmony with nature,” as the naturist organization says, as well as an expression of freedom and equality. Agree or disagree, we’re happy to see people expressing themselves in a positive manner.

If only the country were as tolerant about other clothing choices.

Top image:  The Pastoral Concert (ca. 1510) by Giorgione or Titian, Louvre, Paris