Health & Fitness | February 17, 2017 9:00 am

The Nike+ Run Club Imagines the Future of Running

Is this a gym or a Star Trek set?

If the Enterprise had one of these gyms on board, chances are Captain Kirk would’ve ended up slimmer than Spock.

Meant to showcase what the gym of the future could be, the Nike+ Run Club in Shanghai’s Times Square is a hexagon-shaped pop-up featuring individual running pods with treadmills.

Filled with LEDs on the walls, floors and ceiling, the display surfaces in the futuristic gym show the runners’ performance stats in real time and also broadcast them on screens on the building’s exterior to help entice passersby to come in and lace up their running shoes.

Future Gym (5 images)

The gym’s “ethereal” design and “kaleidoscopic interior and exterior” are supposed to wrap “participants in a temple-like setting devoted to the running experience,” the designers say.

The whole thing kinda reminds us of that one episode of Black Mirror, but hey, you gotta do you.

Work out long and prosper.