Health & Fitness | July 15, 2016 9:00 am

Are You Working in One of the Nine Most Dangerous Industries?

Unemployment has never looked so good.

Most of us love to complain about our jobs. But some jobs are worse than others. 

Much worse. 

In fact, they may be killing us. According to a recent survey conducted by National Public Radio, the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 85 percent of us consider our jobs not merely annoying, stressful or mind-numbingly boring, but hazardous to our health.

The study found those jobs to be:

Source: NPR, The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health

Service sector and construction jobs dominate the list. Health professions and warehouse work (we’re looking at you, Amazon) also dominate the list. Curiously, there seems to be no mention of the meat-processing industry, which hasn’t changed all that much since Upton Sinclair’s days.

Some other findings: Many of us are working over 50 hours a week. We’re not taking vacations. And 73 percent of us aren’t even taking sick days, even when they’re sick (which just makes the rest of us sick, so please stay home). 

On the plus side, half the respondants said they were overworked but acutally loved their jobs. Thirty-seven percent said they were just in it for the money.

If you are in one of these jobs and want to change, Glassdoor just published a list of 11 jobs that make over $100K a year, which is about $30K more than what’s considered to be the baseline for happiness.