Hey Man, Meat Is Making You Smell Weird

And now, the world’s hardest would-you-rather:

Would you rather give up carbs and meat and have an alluring, attractive aroma to the opposite sex, or just say to hell with it and mow down that juicy burger with extra bacon, regardless of what it could mean for your sex life?

A new study from Macquarie University in Australia reports that women are more attracted to the body odor of men who eat predominantly produce and vegetarian foods, as compared to men with starch- and meat-heavy diets.

The research method involved using an instrument called a spectrophotometer, which uses light to read the deposits that are visible on the skin if the subject has a healthy plant-based diet. Part of the study naturally involved producing sweat (in clean t-shirts provided by the lab), and then having women smell and respond to their findings using a variety of descriptors.

While the veg-heavy diets fared best when it came to appealing body odor, it turns out the meat-based diets were just intense rather than intolerable.

The article goes on to note that  ‘“a study published in 2006 found that women preferred the odor of men who ate a non-meat diet, “characterized by increased intakes of eggs, cheese, soy, fruit and vegetables.”’

And here’s where I’d like to inject a bit of personal evidence from a 30-something lady friend who’s had ongoing intimate relationships with both vegans and carnivores. At least for the friend in question, the long term observation is that vegans not only smell better, they also seem to, uh, taste better. Significantly better.

So take that for what’s worth.