Health & Fitness | December 23, 2019 10:52 am

Deal: We Found a Rare Discount on the Hypersphere Mini Massage Ball

Save $25 on the most portable (and affordable) percussive therapy option

Hyperice Mini

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Earlier this year, we reviewed Hyperice’s Hypersphere Mini, a massage ball that administers percussive therapy in a manner similar to the now ubiquitous Theragun. The ball is unique in the fitness market for its size and subtlety; it’s a little smaller than a softball, compared to the Theragun and Hyperice’s Hypervolt, which are larger than electric drills, and it’s virtually silent.

We worked with the Mini for a couple weeks and were especially impressed by its ability to sort out knots in the upper back, and provide relief for the balls of the feet — two spots that larger percussive instruments have some trouble addressing. Its portability, meanwhile, makes it a total game- changer for travelers who step off a plane with sore limbs, a locked back, or swollen feet. It’s TSA-approved, so you can stow it in your carry-on and activate it for a quick sesh when you get to the hotel. We’ve stressed the importance of staying fit on vacation before, and the Mini will help you along your way.

The price of the Mini was already desirable — at $100, it was a total steal compared to the Theragun and Hypervolt, which retail $600 and $400, respectively — but it’s now even more affordable, thanks to a holiday deal at REI. You can currently bring one home for just $75. Which is just a total no-brainer. We recommend charging it for a couple hours the second it arrives, and for your first foray, make sure you have a yoga mat or soft section of carpet handy. It works best when you find the area of sore tissue (like, say, a tight hammie) and press down against the device.