Health & Fitness | December 13, 2016 9:00 am

This Gym-in-a-Bag Lets You Bring Your Fitness Routine on the Road

Because travel days are not cheat days

You’d have an easier time staying in shape while traveling, you say, if you could only take your regular workout routine on the road.

But the truth is no matter how you spin it, travel days are not cheat days. They’re not an excuse to eat what you want, and they’re certainly not an excuse to break a good habit or fitness routine. That’s why there’s the F1 Fitness Kit from the practical travel experts at Flight 001 (and just in time for holiday travel, too).

Packaged in a navy cinch-closure bag for easy transport, the kit contains everything a road warrior needs to get his cardio in wherever he goes, including a lightweight jump rope, resistance bands of three levels of difficulty and a handy manual that outlines the perfect travel workout routine.

Which means no more excuses.