Health & Fitness | December 22, 2016 9:00 am

The World’s First ‘Biophilic’ Gym Brings the Outdoors, Indoors

Minus rain. And accidentally stepping in dog poo.

Adulthood involves a lot of work.

Parenting is work. Work is work. Even staying in shape is work. Hell, most of our gyms are housed in office buildings. Convenient, but not what I’d consider fun.

Which is why I never go to the gym on the weekends; I go outdoors. I hike. I climb. I surf. And it’s fun. (That being outside is also really good for your health is just the kicker.)

But not everyone has access to the outdoors, especially from Monday Friday.

So some trainers and an architect in London have come up with a solution: Biofit, a gym that brings the outdoors, indoors. They’re doing a pop-up demonstration in London right now. 

Google and Apple have found that bringing more nature into their buildings has increased productivity and lowered stress levels for their employees, and the Biofit team hopes to inspire real estate developers and CEOs into replicating that concept within their buildings. 

They’ve termed it biophillic for its mix of fitness and nature, and are using real grass along with air-purifying plants and natural scents to replicate the outdoors for your senses, thereby releasing the same endorphins that your body releases in real nature.  

The equipment, though, is what puts Biofit over the top. It’s basically a set of massive Lincoln Logs cut from reclaimed wood along with big sandbags made from organic cotton.

There’s a high beam for pull-ups, a low beam for balance and core work, and then bigger logs for shoulder carries and supported push-ups. It’s basically the type of stuff you did on the playground as a kid, only with a trainer helping show you the way.

As of now it’s still in the concept phase, but the plan is to go international.

Until then, do yourself a favor and go get some fresh air.