A New Breed of Yoga Class Encourages Drinking, Cursing
By Logan Mahan / February 18, 2019 9:00 am

Sometimes I wish I were the type of person who wakes up, makes a smoothie for breakfast and does yoga while a sandalwood candle burns in the background.

But that is not my reality.

Instead, I eat coffee for breakfast and spend my mornings getting angry at a train (or lack thereof). Also, I’m not even sure silently downward-dogging reduces my stress as much as it rushes blood to my head. I like to complain, out loud, and I have dreams of finding a secluded cliff to scream off of.

And I am not alone, which is why someone created “Rage Yoga” for us, people who like to yell and drink beer, but also need to stretch.

“Rage Yoga” encourages people to scream, vent and release all the tensions and stresses they’re holding inside, all through stretching and posing. The classes are based on a Vinyasa flow but go at a slower pace — so you have time to air all your grievances. Houston brewery Brash Brewing hosts these uncensored classes twice a month and (of course) includes beer breaks in between poses.

If you’re in the Houston area, be sure to check it out, but if not, you can still rage from home. Rage Yoga offers an in-home experience, with more than 40 downloadable yoga video tutorials for $38, or a pay-what-you-can that starts at $7.

So rage on, fellow yogis. Just maybe warn your neighbors first.

Image via Devin Edwards / Unsplash