Health & Fitness | October 30, 2020 11:52 am

Deal: 23andMe’s Health and Ancestry Kit Is 50% Off

Use genetics to figure out where you came from and where you're going

Deal: 23andMe’s Health and Ancestry Kit Is 50% Off

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Who are you?

No, really. Where did you come from, and how does your ancestry shape who you are today … and how you might feel tomorrow?

None of our business, but it’s certainly yours. That’s the kind of info 23andMe attempts to provide with their Health and Ancestry Kit, which is currently 50% off and just under $100 on Amazon.

The company suggests your genetic results (available simply via a spit test you send back) can help you figure your chances of developing certain health conditions, or see if you’re a carrier for certain inherited conditions. As well, you can trace your DNA from across 2000+ regions and plot out your family tree.

23andMe DNA tests

Bonus: “A portion of your purchase may be eligible for FSA / HSA reimbursement.”

It’s all protected information, too, though you really should go to 23andMe’s site and read for yourself and see if you’re comfortable with their privacy platform and their health claims.

If you are, getting this information at half off could help you find out who you really are and possibly how to adjust your lifestyle so you’ll live longer and feel better.

Or: It also makes a fantastic gift (having gifted several of these, I can attest to this claim.)