Grooming | November 15, 2019 1:56 pm

Deal: The Best Grooming Gifts Are These Gift Collections From Kiehl’s

Bundles of moisturizers and cleansers are up to $70 off

Kiehl's men's grooming set
Looking for a discount on top-of-the-line men's grooming products? Grab a gift collection.

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Kiehl’s is one of our favorite grooming destinations — the NYC store (started in 1851) is generous with free samples, they helpfully divide products by skin and hair type, and their stuff … actually works!

But they’re not cheap and they don’t do a lot of sales, so we’re particularly excited about this nice selection of gift sets.

The themed packages here — Midnight Must-Haves, Men’s Ultimate Age Fighters, Power-Packed Essentials, etc. — range from $68-$202. The key here is that bundled together, you’re saving anywhere from $25-$70 if you bought all the items individually.

You can also snag a free holiday tote on every order over $65 with the code TOTE.