Gear | July 1, 2016 9:00 am

You Need a Tomahawk. Here Are Some Stellar Tomahawks.

It’s pretty much the most American thing you can buy

The word tomahawk comes from a Powhatan word meaning “to cut off by tool”; First Nations people used early iterations as implements of war, survival and utility.

Later, during a certain Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress soldiers weren’t required to carry guns — but they did have to carry tomahawks.

And while you probably won’t need to throw one at an onrushing Redcoat anytime soon, the utilitarian editions that metalsmiths are cranking out these days are good for a whole host of other tasks, from helping you build a proper campsite to doing some heavy maintenance around the house.

Here are four red, white and blue-produced numbers to consider.

For Single-Pack Excursions: Micro Hawk, $180
Constructed from premium 1095 carbon steel, the Micro Hawk is a portable carving tool that’s part karambit, part traditional knife and 100% tomahawk. Don’t let it’s size fool you, this versatile carver has bigtime usefulness potential.

For Weekends in the Woods: SzaboHawk, $216
Designed by law enforcement officer/ex-Marine/martial artist/guy-not-to-mess-with Laci Szabo, the SzaboHawk’s curved handle allows you to choke up on your grip depending on what sort of target you’re hoping to turn into mincemeat. The back of its cutting edge can also be used as a hammer.  

For Keeping on the Mantle: Blue Wrench Tomahawk, $100
With an ergonomic handle made from a standard wrench, this two-in-one chopper’s elegant design is also its major selling point. With the Blue Wrench, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a tomahawk with a forged blade that’s over two inches wide.

For Doomsday Prepping: Timahawk, $240
The perfect gift for the apocalypse planner in your life, the Timahawk is a multi-tool that can be used as a crowbar, hammer, hoe, breaching tool and, of course, tomahawk. The four-pound slicer and dicer has a six-inch blade and comes with a bag for easy transport into the wild.