Gear | November 30, 2016 9:00 am

It’s an At-Home Sperm Test on Your Phone. Start the Jokes Now.

Are your boys strong swimmers?

“Test your sperm in the comfort of your phone.”

Galaxy Note 7 explosion jokes aside, this is one smartphone feature that could seriously improve your future.

Enter YO, the first FDA-approved sperm checker for your smartphone, available now for preorder — or, as the company says, “coming soon.”

Developed by semen analysis company Medical Electronic Systems, YO is a clip-on device that analyzes your “motile” sperm (your healthy swimmers, essentially) via a mini microscope. You can use your phone’s video and camera light to view your, uh, contribution and save a vid of your sperm … if that’s your thing.

Results arrive in minutes (yes, that’s what she said), and YO claims to be 97 percent accurate. But never hurts to try more than once, amirite?

At $49.95, it’s not a terrible first option if you’re deciding whether your boys can tread water. Pair it with an STD at-home test and you’ll have a bizarre but oddly comforting Tinder pickup line ready to go.