Gear | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

This Dongle Can Adjust Your Bike’s Tire Pressure Mid-Freaking-Ride

Look ma, no stopping for air

Of mountain biking’s many challenges — steep ascents, steep descents, being mistaken for a deer by a cougar — stopping to regulate the air pressure in your back tire is probably the least sexy and most annoying.

But it’s crucial, because having the right pressure helps you manage those ascents and descents with aplomb.

Hence the genius behind the Hub by White Crow. Basically, it’s a back tire that houses two interior tubes that connect via thicker spokes to said hub.

That hub has a motor that either pulls air out or pumps it in with the flick of a button located on your handlebars, thereby inflating or deflating the tire.

It’s currently 23% funded on Indiegogo with a month to go. The setup will run about $1,000 once funded, but they’re offering half off as a way to entice investors.

 Get pumped up.