What Three Adventure Photographers Pack on Every Trip

Adventure photographers know how to pack.

And not just camera gear — they’re savvy vets when it comes to carting around any assortment of clothing, tools and computers, often in the most rugged conditions on earth.

So we spoke to three industry pros to see what they bring on every expedition, because, let’s face it, we’re all aspiring adventure photographers these days.

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Image by Drew Martin

Drew Martin

Drew has worked with such brands as BFGoodrich, Toyota Racing, Earthroamer, Polaris RZR & Sportsman, Go Fast Campers and SIG SAUER. 

Garmin InReach SE
“Something that is ALWAYS in my backpack is the Garmin InReach SE – a satellite communicator. I can get heli-lifted out of anywhere on the planet as long as I can see the sky. No brainer.”

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
“I don’t leave home without my Canon 1DXII and assortment of lenses. Depending on the trip, I’ll have a variety of zooms or primes or both, batteries, memory cards and accessories.”

Colfax Design Works Pack
“My pack is one of the most important things! It’s from Colfax Design Works. Nothing better. Seriously. I beat the hell out of it and it withstands everything.”

Bass Pro Shops 100mph Gore-Tex Rain Bib
“I use the Bass Pro Shop’s 100mph Gore-Tex Rain Bib for my weatherproof bottoms. They’re hilarious. I bought them because they said 100-mph on them. But I figure with a bib there’s no chance of rain getting down my back with a jacket, especially on a motorbike, as there’s a huge overlap. Tried and tested at this point.”

Red Clouds Collective GN 1 Waxed Canvas Work Pants
“I wear Red Clouds Collective GN 1 waxed canvas work pants when it isn’t smoking hot outside. Nothing better.”

Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter
“I carry a Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter full tang knife in my backpack, along with a Benchmade 556S mini-griptilian serrated locking knife in my pants. Never know when you gotta slice some fingerling potatoes.”


“Often times, I’ll have a can of Coors stashed in there and some nuts. I stay the hell away from [health] bars … all of them. They make me too damn thirsty.”

Image by Russell Holliday

Russell Holliday

Russell’s work is centered around surf and its ability to expand our awareness of the outdoors as a whole. He’s shot for publications and clients like Surfer Magazine, Surfline, Stab Magazine, prAna, Reef, O’Neill and Vans. 

90L Sea to Summit Drybag
“I get one big enough that I can put my entire camera bag inside of it and strap it to the back of a jet ski or in the boat (the main method of transportation to access remote waves). The enclosure on the Sea to Summits are the most trustworthy, in my opinion, and will not leak if closed correctly!”

Large Silica Packets
“I bring about 10 of these and throw them everywhere in my duffel, camera bag, water housing, computer case. They are made to wick moisture, which is the main killer of camera gear on surf trips. Every time I’ve broken a camera it hasn’t been from physically being out in the rain, but from moisture slowly working its way inside of it over time from being in gnarly conditions.”

Seager x Stetson Crushable Hat
“For being in the sun all day, this works great, and I’ve been bringing it on all of my shoots and surf trips. The main reason is because I just throw it in my duffle bag, as it’s crushable.”

Leatherman Wave+
“This has been a lifesaver on so many occasions, especially in places where your hands are too numb to work.”

Petzl Headlamp
“Whether it’s a surf trip or a shoot day, you’re up before the sun comes up and after it goes down, prepping gear, etc. I keep two in my van (in case a friend forgets theirs) and one in my camera bag at all times.”

Image by Adam Clark

Adam Clark

Adam is a senior photographer with Powder Magazine and also works with brands like Patagonia, The North Face and Black Diamond.

Shimoda Explore 40 daypack
“I use this 40-liter backpack from Shimoda Designs day-in and day-out. I also use the bigger and smaller versions, but this is by far the best all-in-one pack I have used.”

NRS 6-foot strap
“I use the NRS 6-foot strap and usually have two of them on me. I can strap my roller bags together to move bags, skis or surfboards on top of cars or fix random things.”

Voile straps
“These Voile straps are like a smaller version of the NRS. I ski a lot and spend a lot of time in the backcountry. Winter and summer, these really help to fix just about everything.”

GoPro 7
“I always have a GoPro 7 on me. It’s a backup camera, it’s a selfie camera, it’s a second angle, b-roll, behind the scenes …”

Goal Zero Battery
“I use a smaller one when I fly and bring a big one when I drive.”

Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody
“It’s the warmest and lightest combo I have used! They pack everywhere and fit great. I can’t count how many times this has saved me or somebody I am shooting. I get a bright color, so if I put it on somebody else, they will still stand-out in a photo.”

“Raw almonds and RX nut butters.”

Main image by Russell Holliday.