By Athena Wisotsky / August 18, 2017 9:00 am

Heading to the Central Park recently, I realized that I’d completely forgotten to pack a blanket or anything to lie out on. But since they are more developed humans than I will ever be, my friends came prepared. But this time, in addition to a huge purple throw blanket, one of them pulled out a tiny bag and announced “Oh and I brought a chair.”

At which point he began running around, the open end of the inflatable chair sucking in air at a quick clip until it was actually a chair and not a rumpled piece of whatever. It was a TRONO.

Trono (4 images)

They’re surprisingly comfortable, like mini sofas, and I definitely tried to figure out the logistics of having one in my second story walkup in Brooklyn, and how I’d look to my neighbors running around every four hours to inflating it. Anyway, I knew it probably would never work, but I vowed to get one of my own. 

And then we did what I think can only be called “posting up.” Like, all day. Reinflated the chair a couple times, took turns, it was a great day. It was a great chair.