Gear | December 6, 2016 9:00 am

One Idea for the Man Who Has Everything? Dinosaur Bones.

Fossils: The gift that never gets old

Outside of industrialist John Hammond and his bioengineering firm InGen, there probably aren’t too many people more into fossils than Jim Lovisek and his wife Elizabeth Komisar.

After getting their start by merging a science camp for kids with a fossil and mineral gift shop, the couple converted their store into an online marketplace in 2002, and Fossil Realm was born.

Now, in a move that could have ramifications for show-and-tell presenters for decades, Fossil Realm and Touch of Modern have joined up to sell a collection of pieces at Stone Age prices.

Available til December 11th, the Prehistoric Fossils collection is priced from $24 to $90,000.

Let’s see what they got:

Mosasaur Skull, $89,999.99
Originally found on a 35-foot predatory dinosaur that called Morocco home, this five-foot-long skull features a set of hinged jaws lined with two sets of preserved teeth that are still very, very sharp.

Fossilized Frog, $13,499.99
A preserved piece that could be 20 million years old, this frog skeleton was found in the Balkans and is especially notable for the detailed fossilization on its bones as well as its lifelike posture.

Dinosaur Egg, $11,299.99
The unhatched offspring of a Titanosaur, this 70-million-year-old egg is a museum-quality piece that required zero restoration after it was discovered on a private estate in the south of France.

Megalodon Shark Tooth, $1,619.99
A unique fossil that’s more valuable because it’s completely unrestored, this specimen boasts preserved serrations that may have been created when its owner was chomping on whales.

Amethyst Geode With Crystals, $4,499.99Lined with deep purple crystals that are bright enough to grant the piece jewelry-grade status, the 98-pound beauty was found in Brazil and qualifies as a semi-precious gem.