Gear | June 27, 2016 9:00 am

Nine Summer Essentials That’ll Fit in Your Backpack

From laptop-sized grills to the Tesla of folding bikes

Making something smaller doesn’t necessarily make it better.

(Insert joke here, ladies!)

But taking something unwieldy and cumbersome — say, a carbon fiber e-bike or a standing desk — and making it fold, bend and disassemble into something lightweight and backpack-sized?

That’s a big idea, regardless the dimensions.

Here are nine of those big/small ideas, all fit for your summer adventures … be it a laptop-sized grill, a foldable kayak or a Tesla-powered commuter you can carry in one hand.

Your standing desk: Flio Up
Gotta work a bit this summer. So take it on the road. This bamboo workstation acts as an adjustable laptop stand, spacious lap stand and “standing stand” (basically a laptop perch for more casual viewing/typing). The Flio’s goal: help you sit/stand straight and ease potential back issues while you’re using your computer. More impressive: it’s only 1cm thick, weighs less than a pound and fits in a laptop sleeve.

Your under-$500 commuter: Mi QiCYCLE Electric Folding Bike
The same batteries you’d find in a Tesla power this just-announced $455 e-bike, which also features a smart app that dissects your ride and gives you directions. About to be crowdfunded … but also only available in China (at the moment).

Your over-$1,000 commuter: URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter
Cruise along at 15 MPH on this foldable carbon-fiber beauty, which is both lightweight (35 lbs.) and made in the USA.

Your waterborne commuter: Oru Packable Kayak
A 28”-wide beach kayak that folds into a backpack. Bonus: comes with an adjustable paddle that also breaks down into four tiny sections and stores in the kayak pack.

Your tools (all of them): Bang Ti Multi-Functioning Folding Shovel
Less about folding and more about unscrewing, this hollow-tubed “shovel” also doubles as an axe, hoe, hammer, screwdriver, knife, flint, wire cutter, waterproof container, whistle, ruler and bottle opener. And it comes with its own camo bag.

Your grill: Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace
A flat-folding stainless steel fireplace that comes with an array of cooking and grilling accessories (like a grill bridge). Comes with its own nylon case.

Your beach blanket: Matador Pocket Blanket
A water-repellent, puncture-resistant blanket that fits/folds into a tiny pocket pouch. Great for spontaneous summer adventures (and it fits two … bring a friend).

Your bike helmet: HELMET V2
Martone Cycling’s collapsible helmet fits easily into backpacks and features detachable visors and rain capes.

Your booze cruiser: Kyboka
A foldable cart with a collapsible tub to walk your heavy gear/beer (110+ pounds!) through off-road or beach conditions.