Gear | September 14, 2016 9:00 am

This Ridiculously Wide Monitor Just Broke a World Record, Probably Someone’s Desk

Have you ever opened all the spreadsheets at the same time?

Like it or not, you’re about to be three times more productive.

You can thank LG Electronics, who just announced a series of ridiculously imposing (or “Ultrawide”) computer monitors, including a 38-inch curved screen that marks a new world record for width.

For the uninitiated, Ultrawide monitors possess display ratios similar to a traditional movie theater screen (21:9), except with higher resolutions. It’s supposed to be helpful: the screens offer more space and a more seamless experience than using two or three smaller monitors.

But the company’s description tells a different story: the 38-inch 38UC999 UltraWide, now considered “the world’s largest Ultrawide monitor,” will target “visual content creators, data crunchers and other multitasking professionals.” Aka you, desk jockey.

At least all the extra work will be clear and efficient: the monitor features a 3840 x 1600 resolution and a USB Type-C port, so you can transmit data and charge your devices at the same time — which all saves you valuable minutes at the work trough.

The other, smaller monitors in the collection sound less spirit-crushing. The super-thin, nearly borderless 34-inch 34UM79M flat monitor promises “accurate color reproduction with limited washout, even at wide viewing angles,” as well as split-screen capabilities and a built-in Google Cast to stream shows from phones and tablets.

And the 34-inch 34UC79G is the world’s first curved UltraWide monitor built specifically for gamers — meaning extra clear contrast, reduced input lag and no stuttering during intense on-screen game action. Plus, there’s a built-in crosshair that adds a “fixed target to the center of the screen,” specifically for first-person users of the Call of Duty variety.

All three monitors will be available this fall starting at $599. Expect your boss to order a few.