These Are the Ski Onesies You Want
By The Editors / January 29, 2016 9:00 am

As iconical as fanny packs, snap bracelets and parachute pants were, there is perhaps no greater fashion trend to emerge from the 1980s than the winter onesie. 

Fortunately (or not), it’s staging a comeback.

You’ll soon be able to rent one — along with goggles and gloves — from ski clothier GetOutfitted starting on Monday.

A descendant of a long line of onesie-wearers, GetOutFitted sales and marketing VP Mike Mueller says the “glory of the onesie” was something he “knew that the world needed.”


The throwback kits start at $25, but there’s a good outcome to the throwback vibe: 20% of each rental donated to the One Percent for the Planet nonprofit, Leave No Trace, which works to heal the negative ways the ski industry impacts the environment.

The least they can do.