Gear | March 23, 2017 9:00 am

What If We Told You This Fishing Boat Fits in a Shoulder Bag?

You can stop pinching yourself. It's real.

Don’t have a garage to store a boat in? No problem. A one-man ticket to exploring your local waterways hath arrived.

The Colorado XT Pontoon is an inflatable single-person watercraft that tucks away nice and neat into a shoulder bag bundle.

Pontoon (4 images)

When in use, it’s nine feet long with a 400-pound capacity. An integrated flip down wheel makes for easy loading in and out of the water, and on board it’s got everything a sportsman could need: dry storage bag, removable stripping basket, rod holder, oar locks and a cup holder.

If your idea of a great Saturday morning is getting out on the river or lake with a fishing pole, a few beers and a whole lot of free time, the Colorado is something you should seriously consider investing in.

So clear the weekend calendar. An inexcessive $520 will buy you this kind of freedom right here.