Rumpl’s Fast-Drying Travel Towel Is Only $19

Rumpl strikes again

The Best Towels for Travel
By Tanner Garrity / August 14, 2019 11:24 am

Here’s a pet peeve of mine: towels that hang drying for a full 24 hours, yet still feel like they were wrapped around your showered shoulders just 15 minutes earlier.

At home, there are ways to get around this. Chuck it in the wash/dryer (though you really shouldn’t do so after a single use with a towel, it erodes the fibers), or simply grab a new one. On the road, though, and especially when you’re camping, those options aren’t always available. That’s where Rumpl’s Shammy Travel Towel comes in handy.

You probably recognize the name Rumpl for their blankets, which set Kickstarter ablaze a few years ago. Well they make towels too — hyper-absorbent, polyester/spandex blended towels that resist stains, fend off odor, and roll up neatly back into your bag. They’re done up in a couple of fun color schemes too, and you should pick up one (or two) from Huckberry now, where they’re just $19.

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