Gear | June 1, 2016 9:00 am

Have Sound, Will Travel: The Best Portable Speakers Under $100

For wherever the road takes you this summer

You may think you have to drop a couple Bennies for portable high-end sound.

And once upon a time, you did.

But over the past few years, the sub-$100 Bluetooth speaker category has become something of a sweet spot for anyone looking for a no-frills on-the-go audio source. Sometimes you just need to fill the void and not worry about filling the room — though a few of these speakers will do both.

For the best in terms of looks and sound quality, a man just needs to know where to look. To help narrow your search, we rounded up a few of our compact favorites below.

For the Beach Bum: Polk Audio Boom Swimmer
Thing looks funny, sure, but remove the detachable tail and it turns into a suction cup speaker. If you’re looking for a variety of placement options, this is your best budget bet. ($40) BUY IT HERE

For the Cyclist: JBL Clip 2
JBL’s newest model, featuring an upgraded carabiner clip that’ll easily hook to a D-ring or similar. Go wireless or plug into the built-in audio cable. Waterproof too. ($60) BUY IT HERE

For the Backyard Chiller: Logitech X300
A bulkier, decidedly less portable speaker (which it makes up for in audio quality) that’ll do well on your back deck while you fling some ‘shoes or hit the hammock. ($80) BUY IT HERE

For the Rugged Nomad: DreamWave Speaker/Walkie Talkie
Because you won’t find another speaker/two-way radio combo out there. ($99 $84) BUY IT HERE

For the 9-to-5er: Soundfreaq Pocket Kick
A clean, streamlined unit that’ll look handsome on your desk, but still portable enough to throw in your bag for Happy Hour listening. ($99) BUY IT HERE

For the Outdoors Buff: UE Roll 2
The second generation of the most universally lauded $100 Bluetooth speaker. Offers 360-degree sound in a handful of colors. ($99) BUY IT HERE

For the Aesthete: LSTN Wood Bluetooth Speakers
Proving budget Bluetooth speakers need not look like play things, a solid desk speaker dressed up in wood. ($99) BUY IT HERE