Gear | February 21, 2017 9:00 am

The Tesla of Superyachts May Look Like This

Guilt-free cruise around the world, anyone?

Full disclosure: We don’t own a yacht.

If we did, however, we’d certainly be partial to the Tesla Model Y self-sustaining yacht, an all-electric boat that charges itself via sun and sea. A concept by Indian designer Dhruv Prasad, the Model Y uses a hydroelectric turbine engine beneath the hull that collects energy as it flows through the water … while also harnessing solar energy via panels on top the supership.

Tesla Model Y Yacht (6 images)

Other nifty concepts: A jacuzzi/sunbathing deck and something called “Shifty Spheres,” aka furniture and rooms that contract and expand at the push of a button, allowing for more space or more seating as needed.

Again, much like our yacht ownership, the Model Y is simply an idealized concept at this point. So you’ve got plenty of time to save up.