Gear | March 13, 2017 9:00 am

This Giant Inflatable Paddleboard Can Carry You, Seven Friends

[Insert 'Yo mama' joke here]

If you’ve been following the story of Chris Bertish — who just made the first solo stand-up paddleboard crossing of the Atlantic — you might think of paddleboarding as a one-on-one battle between man and water.

But thanks to the 18-foot BigSup from Supflex, it can actually be a battle between many men and water. With a load-bearing capacity of 1,550 pounds, the seven-foot wide board is constructed from military-grade PVC and topped off with an imitation crocodile skin deck pad to provide grip. Fully inflatable but more rigid and strong than a hard board once it’s filled beyond 15 PSI, the BigSup compresses down into the size of a bedroll and can easily fit in a closet or trunk.

XL Paddleboard (2 images)

Featuring 11 carry handles, three removable fins and two inflation valves, the 100-pound board has enough room for a bachelor party crew, multiple families or the starting offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys.

You can get one for $2,600 on Amazon but, sadly, you’ll have to buy your paddes separately.

Here’s the brand Bertish used.