Gear | June 29, 2018 9:00 am

The Army, Navy and Air Force All Swear by This Indestructible Cooler

Not even gunfire can stop it from preserving your perishables

By The Editors

What is this, John Rambo in cooler form?

All we know is one minute we’re reviewing the specs of a heavy-duty storage system designed by combat veterans, and the next we’re seeing footage of it barrel-rolling through fields in a hail of bullets.

Let’s roll it back a sec.

The Speedbox Endurance-40 is a military-grade storage container system that is used by the Army Special Forces, Navy EOD and Air Force Pararescue Jumpers — so you know it’s tough. It was designed as a response to faulty materials that compromised time and safety and couldn’t stand up to the intense wear-and-tear of constant usage. It’s not strictly for food, but because it is airtight, watertight and features a built-in gasket, it works beautifully as one.

Take a look at those un-deflatable off-road tires: those’ll never fail you out in the wild. Made-in-America of shatter-resistant polymer, each of these beasts has a 300-pound capacity, and is secured with two locks to keep out bears (or hungry kids). The aluminum and steel handle system also has “Never-Fail” built into the product name, so good luck wearing it out.

If you buy in bulk (like the military might), the design is efficiently stackable and interlocking, so even a pallet’s worth of boxes will come out undinged on the other side. Not exactly a rainbow of color options: you get to choose from black or the new “coyote brown.”

With a two-year, 100%-satisfaction guarantee, that’s plenty of time to take it out a few times and give it your best shot (don’t quote us on that; read the fine print first).