Gear | February 27, 2017 9:00 am

This Projector Turns Any Flat Surface Into a Touchscreen

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Escaping a digital screen just got that much harder. They’re now literally in the walls.

Sony’s Xperia Touch, a toaster-sized projector/tablet that turns any flat surface (walls, tables, floors) into an interactive touch screen, just firmed up a release date in Europe, starting this spring for about $1,600.

The 23-inch Android-powered device, which utilizes WiFi, infrared and a 60 fps camera to capture motion, was previewed last year as the Xperia Projector.

Sony Xperia Touch (3 images)

Some suggested uses for this futuristic tech? Sony suggests family table arcade games, counter-sized cookbooks, large Skype calls, message board walls and, of course, an 80-inch TV/movie projector.

While on the surface (heyo!) it’s a cool concept, Engadget points to a few flaws, including a rather large price tag and a lack of sensory feedback.