Gear | February 9, 2017 9:00 am

Soon Your Workout Shirt Will Count Calories, Give You Directions

Which way to the gun show?

Wear all the smart tech you want while exercising, but if you can’t find your way home after a long run, you’re gonna feel pretty dumb.

Possibly solving your exhausted brain fart: Sygnal, a new athletic t-shirt line that tracks your exercise and nudges you in the direction you need to go, now available for pre-order.

The shirt’s tech works with your smartphone to do the usual fitness tracking: how many stairs you climbed, calories burned, etc. But after you enter a destination, the shirt also “vibrates” on the shoulder in the direction you need to go, freeing you from looking at a phone or smartwatch screen.

The shirt recharges through a micro USB port. It’s also waterproof, making for easy washing.

It’s currently available on the crowdfunding platform Fuel a Dream for about $38.