This Birdcage Tent Was Inspired by Victorian Dressmaking

No, that’s not a trap left out by some careless Ewoks.

It’s yet another entry into the ever-improving market for outdoor snooze options, and it goes by Sky-Pod

The cocoon-like structure is a military-grade sleeping space that can accomodate a whopping 550-lbs. while hovering up to four feet off the ground. With nine feet separating the aluminum-reinforced floor from its tapered ceiling, it could easily stand Yao Ming (which actually wouldn’t be a bad marketing ploy), features an indoor ladder, and keeps all parties at a comfortable distance from the legions of creepy crawlies that might otherwise find their way into your tent.

sky pod (4 images)

The Sky-Pod draws design inspiration from the crinolines of centuries-old dresses (the piece that gave the dresses their propped-up structure) and comes with various layers of mesh netting to address mosquitoes and provide privacy. Ease of transport and set-up, though, doesn’t seem so straightforward. Despite claiming pack-down portability, the Sky-Pod is still 30 lbs. in the pack, and getting the thing up the tree in the first place requires a throw bag, line and the proper tree. (Though the Sky-Pod can also be set up across two trees, and anchoring to the ground is an option if necessary.)

Check out Sky-Pod’s offerings, which dropped just last year, on their website