Gear | December 1, 2016 9:00 am

This Awning Turns Your Car Into a Mobile Camping Compound

It's got a skylight. More tents with skylights, please.

Personally, I like to camp away from my car.

I camp to immerse myself in nature, and cars make me feel like I’m sleeping in a parking lot. That said, there are times and places for car camping: festivals, road trips, surf safaris, etc.

In most of these circumstances, you need an awning to protect you from the elements, and British company SheltaPod has just rolled the ball forward in that space. Their awning connects to any car, folds like an accordion for easy (dis)assembly or modification for various conditions (rain, wind, blazing sun), and features skylights to let in natural light.

The awning has a roll-up door that transforms the shelter into a tent, and with those skylights you can sleep semi-protected under the stars.

Just don’t sleep in your car. Unless she kicked you out. In which case — all the more reason you need one of these.