Our Favorite Survival Bag Is Currently on Sale

It comes with 30 different emergency tools and kits

Seventy2 Survival Pack
By The Editors / February 27, 2019 9:00 am

Originally funded via Indiegogo back in 2017, Seventy2 is named for the amount of time FEMA says you should be able to fend for yourself in case of a major emergency. That’s 72 hours, for the record. Outfitted by a team of survival experts, the pack runs 30 kits and tools deep, from the obvious (first aid kit, beanie, sunscreen) to the surprisingly vital (air filtration mask, 100 feet of paracord, collapsible pickaxe).

Of course, anyone could toss dozens of tools into a bag. And for some of the included wares here — flashlight, multitool — you might have a trusty option at home that’s already bailed you out of some sticky situations. But it’s unlikely you can match a pack that holds all this at the outset. The Seventy2’s roomy interior keeps everything color-coded and in its proper place, while the waterproof exterior can really take a beating. It even doubles as a flotation device. Hurricane season, a week in the woods, zombie apocalypse — bring it on.

And now you can currently get the bag and all the survival gear that comes with it for a pretty hefty discount. You can purchase it here

Seventy2 Survival Pack

Was: $349 | Now: $275

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