Gear | October 31, 2017 9:00 am

The 360-Degree Rylo Action Cam Will Fix Everything You Shoot in Post

Get the perfect shot, every single time

For smartphone camera users waiting for the perfect shot: relax. Now, you can fix everything in post. From your hand.

Hailing from former Instagram and Apple engineers, Rylo is a pocket-sized camera that promises zero shakiness, 360 degree shooting angles, one-tap editing and simple sharing options.

Rylo (3 images)

Basically, the camera allows you to just  take footage and do the editing (and social media-ing) after the fact.

To do that post-shoot fix: After you’re done filming, just plug Rylo into your phone. The app opens up to a suite of one-tap editing options (trimming, cropping, picture-in-picture, perspective, timelapse, etc.) that should just take minutes to use.

Given its small size, quick editing fixes and cinematic stabilization features, look for Rylo to be a hit with the extreme sports crowd (witness the camera’s action-packed promo video). As well, options like the single-tap “Follow” feature allows the camera to orient toward whatever action is in the frame, meaning you really don’t have to do much to get the shot you want while you’re filming, either.

Rylo is available today for $499.