By Tanner Garrity / February 6, 2018 9:00 am

Space race? More like space stroll.

Russian space company Energia just rolled out plans to ferry celestially inclined tourists up to the International Space Station for spacewalks starting in 2019.  

Energia will build a module (tentatively named NEM-2) designed to sleep up to six people, with two bathrooms and even internet access. Trips will launch annually and last 10 days, and advanced word suggests guests will be allowed to take video clips from their spacewalks. Because humans always do well operating their iPhones in precarious situations.

As for the price-tag? Yeah, unfortunately you’re going to need to scrape together around $100M (though the first tourist could be looking at a discount).

And for the shallower pocketed space junkies out there: we’d like to draw your attention to this insanely detailed 3D-printed moon from San Fran start-up AstroReality. It’s not a trip to the thermosphere, but it’s an affordable consolation prize.