Gear | December 20, 2016 9:00 am

This Phone Case Prints Photos, Then Conjures Harry Potter-Like Magic

Prynt prints memories, but that's not everything it can do

Old man rant: Your Instagram is an ephemeral pleasure, at best.

Printed photos create a lasting memory. Even better when you can print those tactile snapshots from your phone. And even more magical? Adding video to those printed pics.

Which is where the updated Prynt comes in. Prynt, which launched on Kickstarter last year, is basically a Polaroid case for your smartphone; you can print out photos using ink-free tech on the go — the photos are also tear-resistant and double as stickers.

Which is nice. But the new Prynt app, which also allows you send physical postcards from your pictures, also features Harry Potter-style Augmented Reality. Basically, the app records a short video clip every time you take a picture. When you hold the phone over the physical copy of the photo, the corresponding video clip will spring to life.

Watch it in action below:

The just-updated app is available now, and Prynt is offering $20 off their cases until 12/24. 

Here’s to making memories that actually last.