Gear | March 6, 2021 5:47 am

Products of the Week: Elegant Waterpipes, Arousal Serums and Weighted T-Shirts

The 15 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

Products of the Week: Elegant Waterpipes, Arousal Serums and Weighted T-Shirts

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: Heir’s sleek Waterpipe, an all-new, titillating arousal serum from Dame and finally, a weighted blanket you can wear.

Marshall Headphones

Marshall Mode II

While I love the vintage style of Marshall’s headphones and speakers, I didn’t think they’d be able to bring that vibe to earbuds. I was wrong: these ‘buds feature the embossed Marshall script on the wireless charging case while the black and white earbuds display the Marshall “M.” The specs are nice, too: 25 hours of listening time (with case), touch-responsive controls and a high degree of water resistance. 


Chaco Chillos Flip and Chillos Sport

Chaco wasn’t satisfied with dominating the active sandal category. Oh no. That’s why last year they introduced the Chillos Slide, a decidedly chiller style with a comfy footbed they’ve christened the LUVSEAT (no, really). Now, they’re taking it two steps further with the Chillos Flip (as in flip-flop) and Chillos Sport (which features a nice heel strap). If you never want to wear anything other than Chacos, you now have that choice.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Denim Shop

If you’re thinking about slipping back into jeans after a year in joggers, sweatpants and other unstructured alternatives, you’re not alone: Todd Snyder just revamped and relaunched his denim line. There are three tiers to peruse: Stretch, Selvedge and Small Batch, and the prices go up accordingly. The most interesting aspect in our eyes is that the latter category is split into American and Japanese denim, with the former woven at Vidalia Mills in Louisiana and the latter imported from the denim Mecca.


Everlane Casual Blazer

Finding a blazer that’s seasonally appropriate (especially for the weird and unpredictable weather that spring often provides), in addition to being casual without being frumpy, is easier said than done. But leave it to Everlane to solve the conundrum with their Casual Blazer. The unstructured blazer finds a happy medium between casual and dressed up, its unlined and unpadded design balanced out by the tailored yet slightly relaxed fit. The cotton/linen fabric (sourced from an Italian mill) is refined without feeling too dressy, and it’s the perfect weight for throwing on on a mild spring day.


Saxx Betawave

Saxx Underwear is dipping its toes into swimwear. The brand’s new line of swim shorts is designed for all types of water-based activities: swimming, surfing and drinking near a body of water. Equipped with the brand’s innovative Ballpark Pouch that prevents chaffing and keeps everything down there where it’s supposed to be, you can rest easy on your beach hammock knowing your banana hammock is safely secured (and out of sight).

Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett Desert Collection

Hedley & Bennett, the kitchen essentials brand that was founded by Ellen Bennett, has just launched the Desert Collection in hopes that people would feel inspired to get bolder in the kitchen. And maybe even go cook out in the desert? We don’t know. The collection features brand new aprons and potholders in a range of attractive shades and patterns, all featuring, of course, H&B’s thoughtful design that makes cooking a seamless, fashionable endeavor.

Boy Smells

Boy Smells Cologne De Perfume

Don’t be dissuaded by the name — Boy Smells makes some of the best candles in the game, and they’re now allowing us the luxury of wearing their scents with Cologne de Parfum, their new collection of fragrances for the body. The line includes five genderfluid (or “Genderful”) scents, with notes ranging from floral to leathery. If you have experience with the brand’s candles you can use them as a guide to determine which fragrance you’ll like best, or you can purchase the Exploratory Set and try them all. 


Heir Waterpipe

If you prefer your weed out of a bong but hate feeling like you’re back in your college dorm, Heir is here to help. This stunning dark glass bubbler conceals resin buildup so you can toke a little longer. But when it’s time to clean, the Waterpipe is crafted with removable glass that makes adding water a breeze. It’s also packed with a spill-resistant rim bowl, lighter storage and an ergonomic mouthpiece because why should you have to sacrifice your posture for a good high.


Dame Arousal Serum

One of our favorite sexual wellness brands, Dame getting into the arousal oil game. The brand’s recently launched Arousal Serum is designed to generate a warm, tingling sensation for those with vulvas to enhance and heighten clitoral stimulation. The 100% natural, water-based formula utilizes interesting ingredients like ginger, peppermint and cinnamon for a truly out-of-this-world orgasm.

PK Grills

PKGO Grill & Smoker

Get a head start on grilling season with PK Grill’s newest portable grill and smoker. With two cast iron cooking surfaces and charcoal grates, you can cook it up Hibachi style wherever the hell you feel like it, meaning more burgers for the boys. And with the brand’s 4 point venting shape you’ll get direct high heat cooking and indirect low & slow cooking.

Taft boot
Taft floral boot

TAFT Eden Noir Jack Boot

Whenever TAFT drops a new iteration of their popular “Eden” fabrication, it tends to sell out faster than you can say “eye-catchin’ floral kicks.” This handsome pair of black military-style cap-toes will surely prove no different, as they’re not only a quality piece of statement footwear (something we wholeheartedly endorse), but also more versatile than you might think — perfect with a pair of black jeans and a tee, and will also pair nicely with a slick tailored suit in the event that we, you know, ever wear suits again. Stock drops today, so get on it while the gettin’s good.

Sleepy Jones

Sleepy Jones Loungewear

Upscale pajama purveyor Sleepy Jones is one of those companies that seemed primed for the WFH boom brought on by the pandemic, their various sleepwear being tailored enough to go from bed to desk without making you feel like a slob. As such, their latest loungewear releases — specifically the Max Lounge Shirt, Cy Jogger and Sleepy Sweatshirt — are a continuation of their already ideal at-home wardrobe.


YETI Granite Gray Collection

YETI has been launching some new eye-catching color variants of late. First, there was the Aquifer Blue Collection, starring varying shades of turquoise in the brand’s coolers, drinkware and more, inspired by the secret watering holes found in Austin, Texas. Then we got the unexpected and poppin’ Prickly Pair Collection, which takes its cues from the “bright, juicy cactus fruit that thrive in parched terrain.” And now we have our personal favorite color drop: The Granite Gray Collection. Drawing inspo from the granite monoliths carved into Yosemite Valley, this subtle gray colorway now available in select Rambler drinkware and will have your favorite indestructible tumbler, mug or bottle looking exceptionally smooth and polished.


Filson x Springbar Outfitter Tent

Springbar is a storied name in American outdoor gear — their spacious but easy-to-erect canvas tents go back to the ‘60s but eventually fell by the wayside with changing consumer habits and manufacturing norms. So of course Filson had to collaborate with them! The product of that collaboration is a super limited run of 20 tents in an exclusive Bison/Suntan color. Despite the hefty price tag, and only getting a release on Friday, it appears all 20 have already sold out. If you’re still interested in what Springbar is up to these days, check them out here.


RicherPoorer Men’s Weighted Tee

On those days when you struggle to get out of bed, throw on Richer Poorer’s Weighted Tee, and it’ll be like you’re wearing your favorite weighted blanket. Crafted from a 180gsm (that’s grams per square meter) of 100% organic cotton, the heftiness of the fabric helps to mimic a similar calming sensation to that of weighted blankets. While the tee might be more durable than the usual t-shirts you’re used to, the fit remains slim and sleek with refined ladder stitching at the sleeves and hem.