Gear | January 15, 2022 5:26 am

Products of the Week: Leica’s New Gold Standard, Soup Candles and a Transient Whiskey Experience

The 16 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

Products of the Week: Leica’s New Gold Standard, Soup Candles and a Transient Whiskey Experience

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: Leica drops their newest M-line camera, Campbell’s releases soup-scented candles and dekantā pairs Japanese spirits with a curated soundtrack.

Buck Mason

Buck Mason Storm Stopper Outerwear Collection

The name says it all; Buck Mason’s newest outerwear line is a force of nature. The collection features three styles — the field jacket, bomber and CPO jacket — all finished with a durable, water-resistant, cotton-rich blended twill finish and lined with cozy Primaloft. The collection ranges from $195-$300, and all but guarantees you’ll stay dry and warm as winter takes its last gasps.


NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells 

More like smartbells, amiright? These adjustable dumbbells work with Alexa, which controls a motorized weight adjustor (5lb. increments within a 5-50lb range). Basically, these two weights are supposed to replace 20 individual dumbbells. Also comes with a free 30-Day iFIT Membership ($39 value).


BrewDog SAD AF

As reported by The Drinks Business, Rizzlekicks’ Jordan Stephens — who is also the co-founder of mental health campaign #IAMWHOLE — has collaborated with BrewDog on this alcohol-free beer to raise awareness for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You can watch the campaign video here. The beer is a a 0.5% marshmallow pale ale; 100% of the profits from SAD AF will go to #IAMWHOLE’s mental health research fund.

Dame Products

Dame Products Com Vibrator

Dame’s newest vibrator is a “body-friendly” take on the classic wand shape, revamped for maximum comfort and intense clitoral stimulation. The curved handle and approachable design make this lightweight device perfect for pros, couples or first-time wand users.


Shaun White Pro Limited-Edition Autographed Snowboard

Sean White’s up-and-coming collaboration with Backcountry, dubbed Whitespace, kicked off this past week with an exclusive drop. The autographed Sean White Pro freestyle board, signed by the Flying Tomato himself, features a directional twin shape that charges hard lines and delivers immediate, responsive control. It also ships in a custom box with an embossed leather band, which obviously ups the cool factor. Stay tuned for the first official Whitespace collection dropping later this season.


Volcom U.S.A. Winter Olympics Uniforms

With less than three weeks until the 2022 Winter Olympics, Volcom debuts its official uniforms for the U.S. men’s and women’s snowboarding teams. Featuring patented technology and bio-based sustainable materials, the label’s attention to detail is unmistakable. Patches and trims proudly represent the U.S.A. and even hidden elements, such as a faux lucky rabbit’s foot, add a touch of unseen character. Find an assortment of Olympic-inspired gear through Volcom in time for the games (lucky rabbit’s foot not included).

Secretly Store

Secretly Canadian x Topo Designs SC25 Rover Pack

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, IH-approved record label Secretly Canadian — The War on Drugs, Faye Webster, Jens Lekman, Major Lazer, Whitney and more — have teamed up with IH-approved gear brand Topo Designs for (you guessed it) an IH-approved backpack. The classic Rover Pack is an excellent day bag: water-resistant, 1000D nylon, and packed to the gills with all the pockets you could ever want. The SC25 patch makes it just that much cooler.


Leica M11 Rangefinder Camera

The Leica M11’s name precedes it, and for good reason, so it’s been no surprise to see the amount of buzz the compact camera has received. The gold standard of rangefinder camera’s update seems minimal at first glance, with little changed about the look of the body, but a n exclusively designed full-frame BSI CMOS Sensor with triple resolution technology means crystal clear photography at a full-snored 60-18 megapixels. Add in a Maestro III processor and 64 GB of internal memory and you’ve got all the justification you need for the prestige (and the price tag) the Leica M-series commands.


Campbell’s Soup-Scented Candles

If you’re a bed eater, perhaps you’ve experienced the horror and panic of a soup-in-the-sheets situation. If you have not but are curious about what it might smell like, the new Campbell’s scented candle collection is just for you. With delectable flavors, err, scents like “Chicken Noodle Soup” and “Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese”, these waxy wafters guarantee to keep the tum-tum growling and the house smelling like mom’s just made you a hearty bowl of Campbell’s post-sledding excursion. We think that’s a good thing? You have time to reflect on it, as the collection sold out immediately. Keep an eye out for a potential restock!


Shinola Forged Carbon Monster Automatic

You think carbon fiber watches are where it’s at? Shinola has the next best thing: a forged carbon version of their Monster Automatic, which features a 45mm case made of carbon fiber that’s been chopped up, mixed with resin, then put under intense heat and pressure, leading to a supremely tough but lightweight watch. Plus, no two patterns are alike.


Transient Tones

The Japanese whisky site Dekanta is bringing a soundtrack to the premium spirits space. Transient Tones is a boxset pairing of nine whiskies (including Yamazaki and Hibiki) with an unreleased selection of J-Jazz tracks.


Adidas by Prada ReNylon

The long-awaited Adidas by Prada ReNylon finally dropped this week, and it’s about what we expected. That is to say, it blew our stinking socks off. The 21-piece collection, crafted in Italy, demonstrates a communal commitment to environmentally conscious innovation between the brands (Prada’s ReNylon has been hailed as true recycled luxury), and every look feels simultaneously low-key and ‘gram worthy. The collection is available at the Adidas CONFIRMED app, as well as Prada’s webstore. Well, until it sells out, that is.

Pepperidge Farms

Goldfish Mega Bites

What, these? No, no, they’re not Goldfish. They’re … uh … Mega Bite Goldfish. So basically, they’re, like, bigger? By 50%. And … crispier. And designed specifically for adults. To fit adult-sized hands. You see, the small Goldfish, those ones were no good for big-people hands. But the Mega Bite Goldfish — now there’s some adult-hand-sized Goldfish.


Filson Alaskan Guide Jogger Pants

You know those pajama pants that your middle-aged, father-of-two, slightly disheveled neighbor puts post-day job Friday night and doesn’t take off until Monday morning? The Filson Alaskan Guide Joggers are that guy’s final form. Built with the same heavy flannel as Filson’s iconic Guide Shirts, they feature an elastic waistband and cuffs to ensure a snug, cold-proof fit. Wear them to get the paper. Wear them to an event you probably shouldn’t — something in a church, perhaps? Or to a formal dinner? Where them everywhere. Maybe next-door-over Mike was on to something.


Truly Margarita-Style Mix Pack

Truly’s new “margarita-style” canned drinks are supposed to be a cross between a hard seltzer and a margarita — which means we’ll probably be quaffing several of these this summer. Available in Classic Lime, Strawberry Hibiscus, Mango Chili and Watermelon Cucumber slim cans.


Gucci x The North Face Drop 2

Did we love the first collection Gucci and The North Face partnered on a year ago? We did. Do we love this second drop even more? It’s certainly possible, what with the watercolor landscape down parkas and green stompers that’ll kick you right out of that wintertime grayscale funk.