Products of the Week: Centennial MLB Hats, Waffle Robes and a Herman Miller Gaming Chair
By The Editors / July 25, 2020 5:00 am

Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: 

Nicklaus-Miura Commemorative Irons

Katsuhiro Miura is well known in the golf world as one of the greatest club-makers to ever live. His sought after (and extremely expensive) forged irons are among the softest, most responsive and downright beautiful in the world — the kind of club that would be utterly wasted in the hands of all but the best players. So it makes sense that he recently teamed up with Jack Nicklaus himself for a set of irons that incorporates the many design preferences Jack picked up over the course of his career, which, by the way, resulted in 117 professional wins and a record 18 major championships.

Therabody Wave Roller

New from Therabody (formerly known as Theragun) comes their very own foam roller, the Wave Roller. Don’t confuse this with just any run-of-the-mill foam roller — this smart vibrating is Bluetooth® enabled and features five intensity settings that can be adjusted through the Therabody app. The roller is perfect for both pre and post-workout, the asymmetrical wave grooves perfect for creating the traction need to apply pressure on various parts of the body. That’s pretty wavy if you ask us.

Razor EcoSmart SUP Electric Scooter

If you hadn’t heard, the brand that you associate with kids on summer vacation also makes a mean electric scooter. In a push to convince adults that they should be scooting around on a Razor, too, the brand announced a bunch of new affordable options this week, and the Verge has all the details. Most of them are coming out this fall, but the EcoSmart SUP is available right now. It features bigger wheels than your standard Bird or Lime model (for a smoother ride), a top speed of 15.5 mph, range of 12 miles per charge and a price that makes it worth saying, “Why yes, sir, I am riding a Razor scooter.”

Brooklinen Waffle Towels and Robes

We’ve been championing both the waffle towel and the direct-to-consumer company Brooklinen for a long, long time. We’d like to think the dev team at the latter has been reading InsideHook, because this week they came out with their own take on the waffle weave, introducing the lightweight, fast-drying, 100% Turkish cotton not just into a line of towels, but into robes as well. Go ahead and turn off the camera on your Zoom meeting — it’s waffle robe time.

Go Fast Campers Superlite Roof Tent

Make your camping experience far more enjoyable with this Superlite Roof Tent from Go Fast Campers. The roof tent clocks in at a mere 80 pounds (hence the ‘Superlite’ in its name), making it super easy to both install uninstall, and at only 6 inches in thickness, it’ll take up little space when stored. In fact, it’s so light that once you pop it on, you’re likely to forget it’s even there. The camper offers plenty of sleeping space for you and another person (though you might want to make sure it’s a special someone, since it’s a bit cozy in there), and you can even opt for the additional Crash Pad Mattress for extra comfort.

Lumos Ultra

Protect that precious noggin of yours with this Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet. The helmet from the Kickstarter-funded brand works not only to keep your head safe but to solve such cycling problems as low visibility, stolen bike lights and having to deal with those pesky motorists. Featuring a bright front light as well as bright rear lights, the helmet allows the cyclist to clearly signal their intentions to others thanks to the rear turn signals and accessible wireless handlebar remote that allows one to signal with the press of a button. And if you really like to err on the side of caution, you can opt for add-ons like an attachable visor (to keep out sun and rain) or MIPS, a safety feature built into the helmet to protect against rotational movement transferred to the brain.

Lids New Era MLB Centennial Collection

In celebration of 100 years of New Era brand caps, we get the Centennial Collection from Lids. Arriving just in time for MLB Opening Day and the baseball season ahead, the caps are the perfect and stylish way to rep and honor your favorite team. Each hat features a flat bill, a crisp embroidered team logo on the crown and a special patch on the side celebrating New Era’s 100 year anniversary. Now go ahead and let everyone know what team you’re rooting for.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

Unless you’re a gamer (and we mean serious gamer) you’ll never know the toll that hours planted in front of a monitor can have on your body. To make the gaming experience a little more comfortable, Logitech G and design juggernaut Herman Miller have teamed up to create the Embody Gaming Chair, designed and enhanced specifically for gamers. Copious research went into the product, the two brands working with physicians to research the distinct ways gamers sit, resulting in a chair with an enhanced gaming seat, cooling foam, posturefit spinal support and even pressure distribution. If you’re serious about your gaming, and have an extra $1,500 to spend, get this chair and get comfortable.

Stüssy x Nike

Leave it to Stüssy and Nike to release one of the most enviable sneakers of the summer: the Air Zoom Spiridon Kukini in black or white. The sneaker manages to perfectly straddle the line between ugly and attractive. The silhouette of the Kukini manages to simultaneously call back to sneakers of the 90’s and early 2000’s rave scene while also looking like something from the future thanks to the gel-like webbing encasing the sneaker. In addition to the sneakers the collab also yielded windbreakers, water shorts and bucket hats, all crafted from quick drying materials that make them ideal for beach days, as the collection intends.

Diamond Supply Co. x NBA ‘Space Jam’ Collection

Regardless of your feelings about Space Jam, there’s no denying that it’s an iconic movie, and now it’s is being honored with a collaboration between Diamond Supply Co. and the NBA. Teaming up with 12 NBA teams, including the Lakers, Bulls and Knicks, Diamond Supply Co. has crafted a collection of t-shirts and hoodies featuring the teams’ names alongside graphics of Space Jam characters, from Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird, captured in various positions of play. It’s a 90s basketball lover’s dream.

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