Gear | September 3, 2014 9:00 am

Work It

By The Editors

Three apps to restore your sanity behind the desk this fall

Kill Your Work Email
From the creator of Flickr, Slack is a group-messaging platform that replaces your work email. Your correspondents at InsideHook just undertook a monthlong trial, and we love it. Tip #1: roll it out slowly by department or working groups. Tip #2: adjust your notifications, dude, or you’ll be pinged to death.

Replace Your Phonebook
The Humin iPhone app replaces the standard iOS phone app and uses your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to auto-generate details for each contact (e.g., “You met Danny Agnew two years ago at SoHo House”). Also lets you search contacts by relationship or status (“friends with…,” “has studied at…,” “has worked at…”), so you can remember even the most tenuous connections.

Fix Your Browser
If you’re like us (incredibly handsome — hey-o!), you currently have 90 tabs open and your browser wheezes like Muttley. OneTab, a nifty free extension for Firefox and Chrome, shuttles all these tabs to one hyperlinked list, saving about 95% of your browser’s memory. You can reorder or reload the links at any time, “pin” sites you want to remain open and import/export your list of URLs.