Gear | December 22, 2016 9:00 am

Download This App Before Your Next Trip, Stupid

It integrates everything important into one place. Like magic.

Integrating all your travel details — boarding pass, gate changes, hotel reservations, etc. — into a single itinerary is the new new thing in travel tech these days.

Look no further than Google’s Inbox app, which shows off your plane reservation with a photo of your destination, or Airbnb’s new plan to bundle all your travel details into a single itinerary as part of its roll-out of new offers. A new app called Pana might do a better job than either. Consider it a competitor to TripIt , which some love, and some find overly complicated. 

Our favorite feature? This one: “Pana’s team will automatically check you in for your any domestic flight and deliver your boarding pass straight into your itinerary. Just like magic.”

And if you’re traveling with team members/colleagues/people you sort of can’t stand but are attending a meeting with far from home, it’s easy to share itineraries. Long story short: it’s faster than texting everyone your flight arrival time. And it’s much faster than realizing you forgot to text everyone and now have to chill at the airport until someone can come get you. 

We say: try it out. We don’t like to use the word “magic,” but there is something cool about how well it mashes everything that matters into one single interface. And if you like it, don’t worry: they have the upsells ready to go.

We’re interested in the Concierge upgrade, which offers 24/7 assistance by app, email and text, plus easy bookings, all for $49 a month — though it’ll take some testing before we decide if it’s worth the cash.