Gear | December 14, 2016 9:00 am

What Do You Get When You Cross a Pop-Top Camper and a Roof Tent?

The world at your feet, for starters

You have to go camping often to justify buying a camper van.

A pickup truck, on the other hand, is a great purchase. It’ll come in handy for daily errands around town and you can pile gear in the bed for day trips.

You can also increase its versatility by adding the AT Overland Tacoma Habitat truck topper. At 15 feet long, it can be configured to provide overhead shade at the flatbed or room to stack bicycles. Optional add-ons include a side hatch, a power system, interior lighting, heating, cabinetry and more.

The memory foam mattress can support 600 pounds, but it’s not the widest sleeping configuration (it technically sleeps two, but one very comfortably if you like to stretch out). With the ability to be assembled by one person alone, it’s definitely well-suited for the solo traveler.  

Sometimes the best missions are solo.