Opinel Reimagines the Multi-Tool, Ditches All That Extra Junk You Don’t Use

Seems like pocket tools these days are either stuffed with added functions or so “minimal” as to be effectively clutter. Not to mention non-intuitive: handing an 18-piece multitool to a non-handy person in need of a simple fix like tightening a screw, well, that’s just cruel.

So where are the simple, pocket-friendly pieces that have a few tricks up their sleeve without being over-designed? Sometimes you just need a knife, sometimes you just need a screwdriver. Simple needs like these make it hard to justify toting a full-fledged Leatherman everywhere, and yet many of us do just that. 

Enter: this pocket knife from France makers Opinel, a simultaneous ode to convention and invention that blends an everyday pocket knife (ergonomic handle, hefty blade with a wire cutter and wire stripper) with a Phillips screwdriver for 3.5-5mm screws and a flathead screwdriver for 4mm screws. That’s it. No mess of scissors, pliers and bottle openers. Just a few basic tools offering a few crucial functions. Beautiful, no?

Purchase yours, or perhaps one for Pops (better belated than never), here

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