Gear | May 13, 2016 9:00 am

Invisible Speakers Reveal the Beautiful Simplicity of High-Grade Audio

Wait, that’s really all that’s going on in there?

Ever listened to a really crystal-clear, deliciously hi-fi set of speakers and thought to yourself, man, just what is going on inside there?

Turns out, a lot less than you think.

Proof: the 100% transparent ONEclassic, a wireless speaker whose beautifully minimal viscera are always on display for your listening — and looking — pleasure.

Built from 12-mm acrylic and outfitted with a DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) radio transceiver for connectivity, ONEclassic’s speaker cabinet comes equipped with all the woofers, tweeters, processors, amplifiers and other firmware you need to plug ‘n’ play right out of the box.

That DECT tech — which links with the music library on your computer or mobile devices via an included USB  — can theoretically provide a sound synchronization process the designers say is substantially faster than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and leads to “true audiophile quality sound.”

After taking home a CES Innovation Award, the designers felt confident enough to bring the speakers to market, and they’re currently funding on Kickstarter with a goal of $35,000.

A pair starts at $1,899 and they’re only $370 short of being funded as of this writing.

Wanna put ‘em over the top?

(Update: Somebody beat you to it.)