Drop, Collaborate and Listen

Some things work better together than apart. Tequila and lime. Phil Collins and Philip Bailey. Kneecaps.

Now working together to help you organize your finances more efficiently: OfficeDrop and ExpenseMagic.

Here’s the deal: OfficeDrop is a cloud-based filing cabinet. It lets you scan and/or upload any file via Windows desktop or iPhone and Android apps. ExpenseMagic, meanwhile, digitizes and tracks receipts — you snap a pic with your iPhone, they transcribe everything into a monthly report. They’re separate services, and you can sign up for both here and here.

But they also work together. All you need to do is to create a free account for each service, then connect them in one click via the “Connections” tab on ExpenseMagic. Once connected, the two services work together to “magically” organize your expenses into reports (via accountants in India, sadly not via elves).

From here, you can begin taking control of your expenses by:

    OfficeDrop also offers several other collaborative services, including simple one-to-two click integration with Evernote, FreshBooks (billing) and RightSignature, among others.

    Go now and mind your own business.