Gear | August 11, 2016 9:00 am

Now Invading Your Bathroom Privacy: Google

It's for your health, they say

S*** happens.

And Google wants to know about it.

In a recent patent filing, the tech giant appears to be designing health sensors that could be built into your toilet seat, bath mat and bathroom mirror.

According to Digital Trends, the sensors would include a mirror camera that could detect skin tone variations, toilet sensors that measure blood pressure and an echo test (a.k.a. heart ultrasound) built into your bathtub.

The patent is officially called a “Noninvasive Determination of Cardiac Health and Other Functional States and Trends for Human Physiological Systems,” which sounds like a bit of tech doublespeak. But the sensors could offer a number of benefits, such as alerting medical personnel if a certain condition appears.

The advantage to Google’s idea is that a user repeats bathroom actions and patterns on a daily basis, allowing the devices to consistently track variations.

The disadvantage? Like anything nowadays, your privacy could be at stake (if hackers can steal data from vibrators, they can steal data from toilets).

As of now, Google hasn’t finalized any uses for these plans.