Gear | October 30, 2017 9:00 am

The Solution to Harsh Lighting Is These Smart Switches

Instant ambience for whatever you've got planned

If you just want a simple way to turn on and off your lights, stop reading now.

If you’re looking for a smart lighting system that’s more about design and environment than convenience, however, there’s Noon.

This is sort of the next step up from systems like Hue. Instead, “It’s like having a lighting designer with you all the time,” as Noon’s promo video notes. The wireless system creates an optimized level of lighting for each room pinned to a specific mood, activity or task (accenting a painting, dinner, whatever).

Noon (5 images)

The Noon devices replace your single-pole and multi-way switches, and it works with your old bulbs (it even detects your bulb type, be it incandescent, LED or CFL). A “Noon Room Director” — the master switch — connects all your Noon extension switches together via Bluetooth.

Once you’ve installed the system, you can control and customize your lights from your phone or using voice controls via Alexa. Noon will then create three optimized “layered lighting scenes” from your room, or you can customize your own setup. You can also schedule the lights to go on and off when you’re away from home as a security system.

Noon is currently out of stock online, but will be available at retail on November 2.