Gear | August 10, 2016 9:00 am

New Nikon Lets Consumers Zoom All the Way to the Moon

One giant leap for shutterbugs

Camera tech is getting bonkers these days and we’re kind of freaking out over here: First there’s NASA’s new HiDyRS-X (High Dynamic Range Stereo X) camera which captures multiple exposures at once (compared to regular high speed cameras that capture just one at a time), which makes this recent footage of a rocket booster test look like the most mind-blowing CGI we’ve ever seen. But it’s real.

Now consumers can buy a camera with zoom so good it can shoot photos of the moon. Yes, that moon.

It’s the Nikon P900, and in a demo aptly title “Holy Mother of Zoom” by Youtube user Daniel Pelletier, all it takes is a few seconds before each and every crater becomes damn near crystal clear.

The optical zoom is 83mm, but you can essentially double its reach with the 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom for a total range of 4,000mm. We’re not experts, but that’s a big number. And that’s a big moon.