Special Edition Nike x Patriots Air Force 1s Are Selling for Crazy Amounts of Money
By Mike Conklin / February 7, 2019 9:00 am

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is known to be a bit of a sneakerhead, going so far as to state that he’d happily not attend any event that would frown on him for rocking his beloved Air Force 1s. True to his word, he even famously visited the Obama white house in 2015 wearing a navy blue pair with a suit.

For the fifth year running, he and the Pats have teamed up with Nike to release special edition, co-branded AF1s, proceeds from which go to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. Or the proceeds went, anyway — the sneakers are already long gone and fetching a pretty penny in the secondary market.

Currently at GOAT.com, they’ll set you back anywhere from $210 for a size 8, all the way up to a silly $8,560 if you happen to be the unlucky size 12.5.

The shoes originally retailed for $160 and were released exclusively at the Patriots pro-shop in Boston. Eager fans reportedly lined up outside the store beginning at 9 P.M. the night before they went on sale.

Begrudgingly, I will admit that they’re pretty dope. Air Force 1s are known to be on the heavy side, but these save a some weight by using a red and blue flyknit upper. The Pats logo is on the heel, and Robert Kraft’s name appears on the tongue.

I’m even going to refrain from making jokes about any of this, because there is literally no telling how much money I would spend on some green and white New York Jets Air Force 1s if Nike wasn’t obviously way too embarrassed to have anything to do with the Jets.