By Kirk Miller / February 28, 2019

This Good-Looking Projector Is Now Less Than $90

Nebula Prizm

Given that most of your watched media is on your phone or laptop, you probably could use a projector. And while the Nebula Prizm isn’t as compact or cool as Anker’s can-sized portable cinema, it does the job on the cheap.

Have a laptop, tablet, phone or TV box, plus an HDMI or USB cable? You’ll now get to experience your streaming media as a 80-95” picture (of 800x480p quality at 100 lumens). The Prizm also features a built-in 5W speaker and comes with a remote.

Nebula Prizm

At a little over five pounds and rocking a modest 10 x 9 x 4” frame, this is a projector that’s certainly portable, though you’ll have to keep it plugged in. You’ll want the room to be completely dark, and it won’t mirror copyrighted content (so good luck with Netflix or Prime).

Currently, the projector is $110, a 35% price reduction. However, if you add in the code PRIZMMAR, you’ll knock it down to just $86.

BUY IT HERE: $170 $86

Photos: Nebula

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