Gear | December 8, 2016 9:00 am

Where Was This Swiss Army Utensil When Robinson Crusoe Needed It?

We know what we're bringing to the apocalypse potluck!

If you’re a dude, you are biologically obligated to eat stuff, fix stuff and light stuff on fire.

Not necessarily in that order. But that’s what you do.

And the Muncher is here to help with all three.

A half-pound gadget made from aerospace-grade titanium, the Muncher is an eight-in-one multitool that features a spork, serrated butter knife, bottle opener, peeler, can opener, cord cutter, flathead screwdriver and box cutter.

Designed around the “Kiwi No.8 wire mentality” (you can fix anything with a piece of fencing wire), the versatile mutlitool includes a hypalon pouch that’s equipped with a fire-sparking flint. Lightweight, easy to clean and christened with a name that should’ve gone to Pac-Man, the Muncher is already fully funded on Kickstarter, but you can get one for $55 (shipping included).

Eat. Fix. Burn.